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Fattouch : a world mix of musician

Fattouch is an international project with musicians from Syria, Lebanon, Romania and France. Each of the musicians is inspired by the music of his homeland and share it in this project. They all have met in Berlin and have recently begun to develop this band. The name "Fattouch" comes from the Arabic and describes a salad in which we can put all ingredients which we find around. This describes completely well the different influences that we can feel in their music which is in different colors and varied - but always traditional. It is a very young project, but they have a lot of requests for concerts, interviews etc.

After only 6 months of existence, the young band got the great opportunity to record a session with Sting, for his comming album "57th & 9th".


The members are: 

Hazem Nassreddine (SYR) - Qanun
Jean-baptiste Moussarie (FR) - Guitar, Singer
Marion Enachescu (RO) - Violin
Razan Nassreddine (SYR/LEB) - Singer
Salam Alhassan (SYR) - Percussions
Nadim Sarrouh (Oud), Thabet Azzawi (Oud), Accad AlSaed (Percussion), Nabil Alchami (Clarinet) also joined the band to record the session.

To know more about this young band, we did a short Q&A. Here are some interesting informations about the collaboration with Sting.

[LiSting] The band is very cosmopolite. Is that what Sting was searching ? The album has some songs about the road, about traveling. He was searching for Syrian influence, I guess.
How did he reach you ?

[Fattouch] Primary Sting was searching for a Qanun player from Syria as this instrument is very traditional and there are a very few persons who can play it. So over more contacts a musician called Hazem Nassreddine, our Qanun player. He had after that contact with the management from Sting and they said it would be nice if Hazem could find an ensemble which are refugees - secundarily other immigrants. So Hazem asked us as we are a band and also 4 other musicians from Syria who played Oud, Clarinette and Percussion.

Fattouch band 57th & 9th Sting and Hazem Nassreddine
(Hazem Nassreddine, his qanun, and Sting)

[L] What's your participation to this album ? On which track ?
[F] We recorded one song together with Sting, he was there with us. It is the song "Inshallah". 

[L] When/where did you record your parts ?
[FIn a very professional recording studio in Berlin, in may.

Fattouch band 57th & 9th Sting

[L] What did Sting expect from your band on the recording ?
[FHe showed us a first record of the song, so that we knew his idea of the mood. After that we played it together and worked together on it, and then he did recordings from each instrument alone. 

[L] Did you also record with Thabet Azzawi ?
[FYes we played with Thabet Azzawi (Oud), but originally Sting was searching for a Qanun player and after that Hazem, our Qanun player, searched for Oud players.

Fattouch band 57th & 9th Sting with Thabet Azzawi

[L] Will you help Sting promote his album in the next few months ?
[FSting didn´t ask us for promoting the album, but as we are part of it we will promote it, for sure.

[L] What are your own projects ?
[FA lot of people want to hear us play, so we have concerts nearly every week, mostly in Berlin. But we start to make like small tours for example in the south of Germany. We also are looking to record our first own album in this year.

Fattouch band 57th & 9th Sting (Photo: by Inken Sarah Mischke)
(Photo: by Inken Sarah Mischke)

While in Waldbühne, Germany, during Back to Bass tour (Aug. 1st), Sting posed with some members of the band, working with IsraAID association.
Read the article here.

Fattouch in Waldb├╝nhe IsraAid 57th & 9th Sting

More information on Facebook (like their page to follow them ! ;-) ) or

Listen to Fattouch Band live:

Fattouch band Sting 57th & 9th
(Fattouch: Hazem, Marion, Salam, Razan and Jean-Baptiste)
(Photos: Fattouch Band and Inken Sarah Mischke)

Thanks Fattouch for answering these questions. Long lif to their band !

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