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Stewart Copeland

Dare to Drum documentary


After two years of work, Dare to Drum documentary film about Stewart Copeland, D'Drum and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is about to be released.
It will have 2 screenings at the Dallas International Film Festival, April 16 & 18. Go here for tickets and more info:

DARE TO DRUM is the story of what happens when five accomplished percussionists and a rock star composer come together with a major American orchestra to create groundbreaking work both on and off the screen.
After receiving an invitation to compose a work inspired by gamelan, Indonesia’s traditional musical ensemble, D’Drum, a Dallas-based world percussion group, teams up with rock star composer, drummer and founder of the rock band The Police, Stewart Copeland, to create a sound that is all their own.

In 2011, after three years of composition, a trip to Bali and grueling practice performances, "Gamelan D'Drum,"—a musical synthesis of pitch, rhythm, and orchestration—is ready for it's series premiere. But when uncharacteristically cold and icy weather hits Dallas, it threatens to derail their dreams of performing the creative masterpiece at the Dallas Symphony.

Directed by D’Drum’s John Bryant, DARE TO DRUM follows this eclectic group of musicians on their multicultural, musical journey from the beginning stages to the final note.

Note that Dietmar Clös is a co-executive producer ;-)

Duration : 85'

Dare to Drum - Stewart Copeland D'Drum

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