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Stewart Copeland

Let's Talk Music welcomes Stewart Copeland


Let's Talk Music welcomes Stewart CopelandInterviewed by GRAMMY Award-winning producer "Native Wayne" Jobson, the conversation spanned his career with The Police and other successful projects as a drummer and composer.

Last night, LACM welcomed drummer and composer Stewart Copeland to their ongoing “Let’s Talk Music” series, where he shared his outlook on the modern music industry and offered wisdom from his accomplished career to a packed audience of students, alumni and fans. The event was also streamed live online at and can be viewed now :

When asked, “What advice can you give to up and coming musicians?” Copeland said, “For drummers, you have to practice slow to get fast. For composers, one really important thing to do is to have a work habit. Just sit down and write something, and don’t judge it; just write it, just put it down, you can come back and fix it later. For large scale things like a film score, the same thing applies. Just start at the beginning. If you get frustrated, just move on to the next bit, just touch everything lightly. You don’t have to commit, you can go back to the start and fill it in later. You have to just do it, don’t get hung up — just keep going and that’s how you gain momentum.”

This exclusive event is a part of LACM’s “Let’s Talk Music” series, an event hosted regularly for students and alumni of LACM, and for the music-minded community in Southern California. Other musicians previously featured in the series include producer Glen Ballard, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, Ziggy Marley, Moby, Dave Wakeling, Gavin Rossdale and Linda Perry.

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