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Stewart Copeland

Ben Hur back in the arena with CSO

Stewart Copeland composed an original score to MGM's 1925 epic silent film Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ. 

Stewart Copeland Ben Hur
Stewart Copeland and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by Richard Kauffman, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra performed the score accompanying the 90 minute version of the MGM's film, prepared by Copeland, to a packed house. Stewart played drum kit and percussions with the orchestra. 

The CSO hosted a preconcert lecture with Richard and Stewart. They have collaborated before and the warmth of their friendship and mutual admiration was apparent. Amongst the many laughs and jokes, an audience member asked the difference between this and playing drums in a rock band, Stewart said he plays quieter with the orchestra while Richard whimsically mimed a 'heck-no' nod behind Stewart's back. I suppose it is all a matter of perspective.

Stewart Copeland and conductor Richard Kauffman - Ben Hur
Stewart Copeland and Richard Kauffman

As a long-time fan of Stewart's work, both with The Police and in his post-rock star musical career, it was an honor to photograph him. His musical depth is awe inspiring, his compositions uniquely original with his signature sound and his personality is infectious. Combined with our world-class symphony orchestra, it was a night to always remember. 

Special thanks to Eileen Chambers of the CSO for her helpful coordination and hospitality. Lisa Torem's interview with Stewart forthcoming.

Source : Philamonjaro-Studio

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