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Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland & Jon Kimura Parker : Off the score


stewart copeland & jon kimura parker
“Mr. Copeland was clearly having a blast, and the audience 
shared in the fun, giving the enthusiastic performance 
the night’s loudest ovation.” The New York Times
“Parker single-handedly advanced global warming with a 
solo-piano rendition of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring.” 
Toronto Star

Stewart Copeland, the artist who innovated the world of rock drumming, joins forces with pianist Jon Kimura Parker in a new chamber music program called “Off the Score!”. This project will feature Copeland’s engaging compositions as well as interesting classical works to suit this unique ensemble. In “Off the Score” Stewart and Jackie will address the intersection of the notes on the page that are ‘the bible’ in the classical world, with the improvisational instincts of the rock and jazz musician. It is the rare classical musician that can improvise, as it is the rare rock musician who reads music. In this project, all of these musicians can do both! This is chamber music for a new generation who will be in awe of Parker’s incredible virtuosity and Copeland’s instantly recognizable drumming. Instrumentation includes piano, violin, double-bass and drums/percussion as well as Judd­Miller, the extraordinary proponent of the EVI(Electronic Valve Instrument), who will use the EVI to add a collage of brass, wind and electronic sounds. Both Jon Kimura Parker and Stewart Copeland are witty and articulate artists who are eager to share their fresh ideas as they move beyond the notes on the page and perform an evening of music that will be unlike any other.. This will be an evening of cutting edge chamber music that is propulsive, engaging, interesting and fun!

Tour dates :

March 6, 2015: Austin, Texas
March 8, 2015: Rohnert Park, California
March 25, 2015: Lawrence, Kansas 


Repertoire may include…
Birds of Prey
Copeland (from Oklahoma Ballet commission)
Copeland (from La Jolla Music Summerfest)
Hit Me For Piano and Percussion
Parker (new work)
Piano Concerto in G (slow movement)
Our Mother
Copeland (from the film Rumblefish)
Copeland (from The Police – Ghost in the Machine)
Blue Rondo a la Turk
Dave Brubeck

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