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Stewart Copeland

Contest : The Ghost Machines

I’ve always been found of The Police tribute bands. There are many trying to deliver their enthousiasm toward the legendary trio through the music.
Some tribute bands try to explore different ways, jazz, electro,... and create somehow something new. Other bands try to invistigate every single original note to reproduce them as near as The Police did. Sometimes, bands have a great drummer, a nice singer, but a less talented guitarist. Other bands try to look like Andy, Stewart and Sting (and it's generaly always ridiculous)

And there's The Ghost Machines.

"Arguably the most accurate and definitive homage to the legendary english band ever." And I agree with that !

Ghost Machines Live


The Ghost Machines are:

Fabio Trentini: Lead vocals, bass and bass pedals
Internationally known as a rock producer (Guano Apes, Donots, Mr.Mister, Sasha, The Intersphere among many others), he’s also a skilled bass player/vocalist with a distinctive high voice very similar to sting’s.
Throughout his career as a working musician and producer he has amassed a great deal of experience playing the most disparate styles: from crossover/metal (with german bands H-Blockx and Subway to Sally), to the experimental avant-garde rock of tuner (with King Crimson’s drummer Pat Mastelotto), to vintage progressive rock as the new frontman of the legendary italian group Le Orme.

Giorgio Ranciaro: Drums and backing vocals
A very energetic drummer, capable of reproducing Stewart Copeland’s distinctive drumming with ease,having worked with several Police tribute bands in the last 2 decades.
Beside this, he’s also an appreciated hard rock drummer who has laid down the groove for the likes of paul gilbert (mr.big) and reb beach (whitesnake).

William Dotto: Guitar
An extremely talented guitarist, mostly known for for his collaboration with Le Orme between 2010 and 2012.
As a guitar teacher, he was the first to bring the unusual ‘chordal tapping’ technique to Italy, releasing two learning dvds for ‘playgame music’. Thanks to his deep harmonic knowledge and sophisticated style, he is able to recreate Andy Summers’ original textures and ‘lunar’ landscapes with all their nuances.

Last year, the band toured with Henry Padovani :

Ghost Machines and Henry Padovani

Their album : ...Remake d'Amour...

The Ghost Machines

Tracklist :
01 Can’t Stand Losing You/Reggatta De Blanc
02 Driven To Tears
03 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
04 Wrapped Around Your Finger
05 Landlord
06 Walking On The Moon
07 Synchronicity II
08 De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
09 Truth Hits Everybody
10 Invisible Sun

Nice covers aren't they ? (I really love "Walking on the moon")
If I tell you I have a copy of their album for you...?

Let's make a contest ! 

Just send me an email through the contact form with the mention "Ghost Machines".
The contest will end on march 23.

Visit their website and order their CD : 
Their Facebook :

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