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Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland - Inside MusiCast episode on Soundcloud

How is it that a drummer for one of the most influential rock bands in history finds himself largely rejecting his pop music past to pursue a career as composer, authoring a prolific series of film scores, operas, and ballets? That’s what happened with Stewart Copeland. From his founding of the Police with Sting and Henri Padovani, who was later replaced by Andy Summers, Copeland has enjoyed a career that has been injected with creativity, unpredictability and surprising opportunity. Along with his collaborations with artists such as Peter Gabriel, Roger Daltry, Mike Rutherford, Tom Waits, and Stanley Clarke and Deborah Holland of Animal Logic, today Copeland’s open-minded approach keeps him constantly connected with new creative opportunities. His credits are too long to mention, and his position as one of the best musicians in the modern music era lives on. Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome Stewart Copeland.

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