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Stewart Copeland new online store

On this day in 1978 The Police were signed to A&M Records. The signing came only 8 months after the band played their first gig as a three-piece comprised of Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers under The Police moniker.

In his memoir Broken Music, Sting recalled the day: "All the A&M executives and company accountants supposedly have copies of 'Roxanne' in their tape decks, and we are told it is the first record in a long time that the promotion staff have asked to hear more than once. Stewart, Andy, and I go to the plush company offices off the Fulham Road, where the president, Derek Green, greets us like long-lost sons, and 'Roxanne' is playing triumphantly on the sound system throughout the entire building."

The anniversary of this milestone date was chosen to announce the opening of The Police's new and improved online store, which includes exclusive apparel and accessories, key titles in the band's catalog and great deals on memorabilia. Take a look around and be sure to check back often, as new items will be added regularly.

The staff has also improved accessibility at so that visiting both the site and the store on your mobile phone or tablet will now be a much more user-friendly experience.
Source : The Official Police Webcrew

Contest : The Ghost Machines

I’ve always been found of The Police tribute bands. There are many trying to deliver their enthousiasm toward the legendary trio through the music.
Some tribute bands try to explore different ways, jazz, electro,... and create somehow something new. Other bands try to invistigate every single original note to reproduce them as near as The Police did. Sometimes, bands have a great drummer, a nice singer, but a less talented guitarist. Other bands try to look like Andy, Stewart and Sting (and it's generaly always ridiculous)

And there's The Ghost Machines.

"Arguably the most accurate and definitive homage to the legendary english band ever." And I agree with that !

Ghost Machines Live


The Ghost Machines are:

Fabio Trentini: Lead vocals, bass and bass pedals
Internationally known as a rock producer (Guano Apes, Donots, Mr.Mister, Sasha, The Intersphere among many others), he’s also a skilled bass player/vocalist with a distinctive high voice very similar to sting’s.
Throughout his career as a working musician and producer he has amassed a great deal of experience playing the most disparate styles: from crossover/metal (with german bands H-Blockx and Subway to Sally), to the experimental avant-garde rock of tuner (with King Crimson’s drummer Pat Mastelotto), to vintage progressive rock as the new frontman of the legendary italian group Le Orme.

Giorgio Ranciaro: Drums and backing vocals
A very energetic drummer, capable of reproducing Stewart Copeland’s distinctive drumming with ease,having worked with several Police tribute bands in the last 2 decades.
Beside this, he’s also an appreciated hard rock drummer who has laid down the groove for the likes of paul gilbert (mr.big) and reb beach (whitesnake).

William Dotto: Guitar
An extremely talented guitarist, mostly known for for his collaboration with Le Orme between 2010 and 2012.
As a guitar teacher, he was the first to bring the unusual ‘chordal tapping’ technique to Italy, releasing two learning dvds for ‘playgame music’. Thanks to his deep harmonic knowledge and sophisticated style, he is able to recreate Andy Summers’ original textures and ‘lunar’ landscapes with all their nuances.

Last year, the band toured with Henry Padovani :

Ghost Machines and Henry Padovani

Their album : ...Remake d'Amour...

The Ghost Machines

Tracklist :
01 Can’t Stand Losing You/Reggatta De Blanc
02 Driven To Tears
03 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
04 Wrapped Around Your Finger
05 Landlord
06 Walking On The Moon
07 Synchronicity II
08 De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
09 Truth Hits Everybody
10 Invisible Sun

Nice covers aren't they ? (I really love "Walking on the moon")
If I tell you I have a copy of their album for you...?

Let's make a contest ! 

Just send me an email through the contact form with the mention "Ghost Machines".
The contest will end on march 23.

Visit their website and order their CD : 
Their Facebook :

Henry Padovani - On the road again

Henry Padovani Ford Ecosport
To promote the EcoSport , Ford will bring together four "forgotten" musicians to form a group. The first of them, Henry Padovani, co- founded The Police.

The American automaker Ford has launched a campaign to promote her original new compact SUV, the EcoSport, which should arrive in the French concessions from next April. The firm has hired Cedric Couvez, music columnist, host or DJ, so he travels the world to bring EcoSport four musicians who left known just before their worldwide success for the studio to record and play on stage groups.

In the first episode, Cédric Couvez goes in search of the French Henry Padovani, who was the first guitarist of acclaimed British band The Police with Sting.

Corsica as a starting point

Participating in the training group in late 1976 with Sting and Stewart Copeland, Henry Padovani was replaced by Andy Summers in 1977 after recording the single Fall Out/Nothing Achieving then a brief cohabitation of two guitarists. He has since participated in various music more or less sustainable projects. For Ford, Cedric Couvez picked him in Corsica, where he was born and where he now lives.

The guitarist has accepted the invitation and the opportunity to repeat the song "On The Road Again" by Canned Heat (1968), inspired by the title track of Floyd Jones (1953).

Henry Padovani Ford Ecosport

The first episode of a series

Apart from the appearances of the EcoSport in sequences that take place on the road, it is clear that the crossover is far from the center of this campaign. This is also reminiscent of the tour organized by Ferrari in tribute to the Beatles, attended notably Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd.

Ford will release a new episode of this web series every week for two months. The next video will present Roya Arab, original singer Archive group. The EcoSport is meanwhile available to order for € 20,990 regardless of the engine selected.

The band will be :
Henry Padovani, founder of The Police with Sting, Roya Arab, lead singer of the band Archive, Dick Taylor, the former bassist of the Rolling Stone and Cathy Mendoça, founding member of Gossip group it was the first harvester. Briefly, four promising personalities but, except Henry Padovani, all left the world of song.

Stewart Copeland talks to Steve Benz on The Blend

The BlendOn december 20, 2013, Stewart Copeland gave an interview to Steve Benz, from WSDI radio in The Blend show.
The interview is now online.

Lady Gaga, Two Thirds of the Police Get Epix with Arthur Fogel


“Who the f**k is Arthur Fogel?”  You won’t be asking that after you see the terrific documentary of the same name by Ron Chapman, making its world premiere on EPIX this Wednesday January 29th at 8 PM.  To say that the talented Arthur changed the landscape of the global concert touring industry is understating it at best, he’s literally overseen and still does, the most profitable mega tours in rock history.

Fogel –a soft spoken, gracious native Canadian– uncharacteristically opens up in the film, along with appearances by members of The Police (Sting, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland), plsu Bono, The Edge, Madonna, and more, all singing his praises.
Last night’s screening of the film at Harmony Gold in West Hollywood, followed by a reception at the Chateau Marmont, was one of several big events going on in Grammy week. Over at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Bonnie Raitt, Kris Kristofferson, Gavin DeGraw, Jeff Barry and a raft of fine musicians appeared in a sensational legacy concert for the Grammy Foundation called “A Song is Born.” Everyone is still talking about Motown great, songwriter Valerie Simpson, knocking out the industry heavy crowd.


Over at the screening Lady Gaga herself arrived with no fanfare but a typically great outfit and her parents, Cynthia and Joe Germanotta.  She looked quite regal in a long flowing gold gown and at the after party at the Chateau. At the Chateau party she signed autographs, chatted with everyone. At one point she rested her head on her mom’s shoulder.Weary is the head that wears the crown of Lady Gaga!

Also in attendance: Police members Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland, plus media consultant and former Best Buy guru Gary Arnold. All came to support their pal.

Epix’s CEO Mark Greenberg got the night started and told us how excited he is that Epix will soon be on Time Warner Cable in about 60 days on both coasts. “He added, “Epix debuted with the Madonna Concert in October, 2009 and since then we’ve been showing concerts such as Britney Spears, Coldplay, Usher with Pink being the most recent.  Epix is the premium entertainment network, we feature, besides the concerts, big blockbuster movies, comedy specials and original documentaries.  2014 will bring lots of innovative and exciting new programming to our viewers.”

Who the f**k is Arthur Fogel?

I asked Arthur how he felt about being in the spotlight?  He answered, “I’d rather be in a crowd of people that have paid to come to a show of ours.  Then I could hide backstage like I do.”  He then added,  “It’s a privilege to be a part of their world.  It’s overwhelming and I’m really grateful.”

Arthur got his start in the rock world by playing drums which he still does.  I asked him, does he still Played drums with any of the bands?

“No, “ Arthur then quipped,  “I never asked.  I’d rather play by myself.”

Fogel told me the ups and downs of the rock world never get old for him.  “I don’t think there is anything like the rush of walking into a full arena, a stadium with a great artist and fans that are absolutely excited.  It’s the best adrenaline rush there is.”

What’s coming up for him?  Arthur replied, “Lady Gaga is going out this year.  Justin Timberlake is on the road.  U2 is going on the road hopefully this year.  And I’ve got Sting and Paul Simon next month. So it’s all good stuff.”

I then ask the Filmmaker Ron Chapman about his film.  Ron replied, “If you don’t know who the f–k Arthur Fogel is after watching the film I don’t know what the f–k to tell you.  “

What surprised Ron most about the elusive Arthur?   Ron: “I’ve known him for 40 years.  I thought it was the door, the peak behind the curtain, what I could show the public about a side of the business they have no knowledge of and about this unique individual who has changed the face of that business more than anyone else in the last 60 years. “

Source : - Pictures : J. Blanchard

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