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Stewart Copeland

The Nashville Drummers Jam: Stewart Copeland tribute


Many drummers, from many wellknown Nashville bands or stars will take part to the show. This sixth tribute is dedicated to Stewart Copeland.
The event will take place in Nashville on May 18th.

Get yout ticket :

The Nashville Drummers Jam

Dare to Drum documentary

After two years of work, Dare to Drum documentary film about Stewart Copeland, D'Drum and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is about to be released.
It will have 2 screenings at the Dallas International Film Festival, April 16 & 18. Go here for tickets and more info:

DARE TO DRUM is the story of what happens when five accomplished percussionists and a rock star composer come together with a major American orchestra to create groundbreaking work both on and off the screen.
After receiving an invitation to compose a work inspired by gamelan, Indonesia’s traditional musical ensemble, D’Drum, a Dallas-based world percussion group, teams up with rock star composer, drummer and founder of the rock band The Police, Stewart Copeland, to create a sound that is all their own.

In 2011, after three years of composition, a trip to Bali and grueling practice performances, "Gamelan D'Drum,"—a musical synthesis of pitch, rhythm, and orchestration—is ready for it's series premiere. But when uncharacteristically cold and icy weather hits Dallas, it threatens to derail their dreams of performing the creative masterpiece at the Dallas Symphony.

Directed by D’Drum’s John Bryant, DARE TO DRUM follows this eclectic group of musicians on their multicultural, musical journey from the beginning stages to the final note.

Note that Dietmar Clös is a co-executive producer ;-)

Duration : 85'

Dare to Drum - Stewart Copeland D'Drum

Going ‘Off the Score’ with Stewart Copeland: The Interview


Stewart Copeland is many things: accomplished, world-class drummer with the Police, songwriter, composer, filmmaker, and public speaker.

Naturally, the chance to speak with him one-on-one is an undeniable treat, so we did just that…enjoy our March cover story below.

Rock Cellar Magazine: We caught your keynote address at the H.O.T. Zone event at the NAMM Show in January. It was arguably one of the most entertaining chats we’ve ever seen, and it seemed like everybody in the room felt the same way.

Read the entire interview on

Stewart Copeland Rock Cellar Magazine Off the Score

Copeland and Parker 'Off The Score' at KMFA

Off The Score is a performance collaboration between drum legend Stewart Copeland, visionary pianist Jon Kimura Parker, Met Opera violinist Yoon Kwon, rising star bassist Marlon Martinez and champion of the Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) Judd Miller. Parker and Copeland are extremely articulate artists and their work explores improvisation - providing room for the artists to move past notes on the page. Their performance Friday night will feature Copeland’s brilliant compositions and classical repertoire, including Parker’s virtuoso suite based on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.

Copeland and Parker 'Off The Score' at KMFA

The two joined Content Director John Clare in the studio at KMFA, to talk about performance practice, inspirations, and busting genres. Their performance takes place Friday night at 8pm in Bass Concert Hall. There's more information here from Texas Performing Arts.

Look to the right of the post title to find the orange audio play button to listen to an interview with KMFA's John Clare, Stewart Copeland and Jon Kimura Parker about their new project "Off The Score".

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Let's Talk Music welcomes Stewart Copeland


Let's Talk Music welcomes Stewart CopelandInterviewed by GRAMMY Award-winning producer "Native Wayne" Jobson, the conversation spanned his career with The Police and other successful projects as a drummer and composer.

Last night, LACM welcomed drummer and composer Stewart Copeland to their ongoing “Let’s Talk Music” series, where he shared his outlook on the modern music industry and offered wisdom from his accomplished career to a packed audience of students, alumni and fans. The event was also streamed live online at and can be viewed now :

When asked, “What advice can you give to up and coming musicians?” Copeland said, “For drummers, you have to practice slow to get fast. For composers, one really important thing to do is to have a work habit. Just sit down and write something, and don’t judge it; just write it, just put it down, you can come back and fix it later. For large scale things like a film score, the same thing applies. Just start at the beginning. If you get frustrated, just move on to the next bit, just touch everything lightly. You don’t have to commit, you can go back to the start and fill it in later. You have to just do it, don’t get hung up — just keep going and that’s how you gain momentum.”

This exclusive event is a part of LACM’s “Let’s Talk Music” series, an event hosted regularly for students and alumni of LACM, and for the music-minded community in Southern California. Other musicians previously featured in the series include producer Glen Ballard, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, Ziggy Marley, Moby, Dave Wakeling, Gavin Rossdale and Linda Perry.

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