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Stewart Copeland

Don't miss Gizmodrome live on Facebook !

Stewart and Adrian will be doing three LIVE performances today and tomorrow. They will be streamed on Facebook. Don't miss them !

• Tuesday, 8/22 2:00 pm (EDT) Performing the single "Summer's Coming" on Q104.3 FM
• Tuesday, 8/22 5:30 pm (EDT) Performing 3 songs for Paste Sessions - Paste Magazine
• Wednesday, 8/23 4:00 pm (EDT) Performing 3 songs for FB Live Relix Session - Relix Magazine

The live streams will be posted directly on Q104.3 FM's, Paste Magazine's and Relix Magazine's Facebook sites. Go check them out when it's time!

Gizmodrome live on Facebook

Stewart Copeland in Fear{less}

Fear{less} with Tim Ferriss airs Tuesday, July 18th at 8PM with guest Stewart Copeland of The Police.
Watch it on DIRECTV CH. 239, U-verse CH. 1114 or streaming on DIRECTV NOW.

Fear{less} with Tim Ferriss spotlights in-depth, long-form conversations between Ferriss and world-class performers, focusing on how they've overcome fears, made hard decisions, and won at the highest levels imaginable. From icons to lesser-known phenoms, the show will uncover tactics and strategies that work in the real world. Ferriss himself is no stranger to achievement, with millions of devoted followers of his podcast and books.

Filmed in front of a live audience and executive produced by Vince Vaughn's Wild West Productions, "Fear{less} with Tim Ferriss" will inspire audiences around the world. It focuses on embracing discomfort, thinking big, and carving your own unique path.

Stewart Copeland in Fear{less}

Stewart Copeland on The Sessions Panel

Stewart's enthusiasm & talent as a musician, who can play trombone, guitar and world known as drummer (Police), also a composer of movies & video games....."Keep learning!" The "Power of Music, "Campfire music" and how technology works together.....
The Sessions Panel & Dom Famularo with the Artist Series share music industry knowledge to musicians across the country! Includes Entertainment Law, Marketing, Networking, Artist Relations & Motivational skills and experiences from professionals and experts who have been "on the road" and are successful in the industry.

Gizmodrome to release their first album in september

Gizmodrome to release their debut album worldwide on earMUSIC on September 15th, 2017

“Strange Things Happen” is the title of a song on Gizmodrome´s debut album.
Certainly great things have happened in the studio, when the four incredible talents met to create one of the most exciting and versatile albums of 2017.

Gizmodrome is in fact a high-voltage “All-Star-Band” formed by Stewart Copeland (The Police and multi-awarded soundtracks composer), Mark King (Level 42), Adrian Belew (ex King Crimson, David Bowie, Frank Zappa and Talking Heads) and Vittorio Cosma (who played with Italian prog legends PFM and an impressive list of Italian and international stars). 

Their self-titled debut album will be released worldwide by earMUSIC on September 15th, 2017.

Listen to "Amaka Pipa (Behind the Scenes Mix)"

In days of “long-distance recording”, with musicians emailing each other sound files, never having been in the same room, Gizmodrome started with the very opposite approach: real old school excitement by four musicians in the rehearsal room! 
It is not a surprise that four musicians with such diverse talents and backgrounds, playing one step from each other, have created music that is vibrant, electric and unpredictable.

Stewart Copeland who is known for his exceptional drum style in songs that changed pop rock forever, is obviously the wild talent behind the drums, but he takes the lead as the main singer in almost all songs and it is the match of his unique vocal approach with the melodic vocals lines of Mark King and the extravagant singing style of Belew to make each song a masterpiece!

One would naturally wonder how two US based musicians could end up forming a band with one English and one Italian musician… 
Stewart Copeland explains: “Vittorio and I have been playing together for years, in Italy, but it got serious when Adrian and Mark joined us for 15 days of wild creativity in a Milan recording studio. If you put the right guys together in a rehearsal room, “strange things” definitely happen!”.

“Stewart texted me and asked if I fancied joining him and some of his friends in a studio in Milan”, remembers Mark King, “and next thing, I’m banging out basslines to his ferocious beats with Mr. Adrian Belew bouncing sounds off the walls that I never heard before, and Vittorio who somehow always pulls it all together. That is Gizmodrome!”

Adrian Belew adds: “Gizmodrome totally surprised me! I went into a studio in Italy not knowing what to expect and by the end of day one of recording I knew two things: the musical chemistry was incredibly exciting and we were having incredible fun!”.


The result of this amazing experience is something new and truly unique. 
“Progressive pop” could be a definition that would sum all the elements in Gizmodrome, but it would probably do no justice to the wild rock guitars of Adrian Belew or the imaginative and poetic keyboards of Vittorio Cosma.
One thing is sure: Gizmodrome is unpredictable and pioneering. 
Fans who loved all the bands in the past of the four musicians will play this album on and on.

“Gizmodrome took me back to the authentic joy to play music I had when I was sixteen”, says Vittorio. “Just a band and a garage with the walls covered with the posters of all my music heroes. Only it happens now that I’m playing with the people on the posters!”

“Gizmodrome” has been produced by Claudio Dentes, a wizard producer that could be best described as the musical version of Dr. Brown in “Back To The Future”, responsible for some of the most creative and successful Italian production for the last 30 years.

Pre-order "GIZMODROME" here:

Facebook and Twitter : @Gizmodrome


Stewart Copeland Drum Sets Featured At Julien’s Auctions Music Icons 2017 Event

Julien’s Auctions held its Music Icons 2017 auction at Hard Rock Cafe New York in Times Square on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Among the lots of specific interest to drummers : Stewart Copeland’s highly recognizable blue Tama ImperialStar drum set that he played on stage and in the studio with The Police beginning in 1976 received a winning bid of $121,600.

Stewart Copeland Drum Sets Featured At Julien’s Auctions Music Icons 2017 Event

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