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Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland: Where The Gods Live had the opportunity to visit legendary composer and musician Stewart Copeland at Sacred Grove Studios. Our conversation began discussing his work as a drummer (for which he's internationally known due to his work in The Police), but soon branched out to discuss his background in jazz, his adventures (and misadventures) uncovering rhythmic mysteries in Africa, and his work as a composer for film and ballet. All along the way, Stewart displays the instruments he has collected over the years. We know that you'll be enthralled on your journey into Stewart Copeland's world...where the Gods live.

Dare to Drum : A documentary film

Dare to Drum : A documentary film
Release date : Sept. 19 2017

DARE TO DRUM tells the story of rock star composer Stewart Copeland, drummer for The Police, teaming up with D’Drum, a Texas-based world percussion group, and Maestro Jaap van Zweden with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to create groundbreaking work, both on and off the screen.

Dare to Drum DVD

In 2011, after three years of composing, rehearsals, recording sessions, and trips to Bali and Java, “Gamelan D’Drum” – a musical synthesis of pitch, rhythm, and orchestration – is ready for its world premiere. But when uncharacteristically cold and icy weather hits Dallas, it threatens to derail their dreams of performing the creative masterpiece with the Dallas Symphony.

DVD includes full 30-minute concert from the Dallas Symphony.

Produced and Directed by John Bryant
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Don't miss Gizmodrome live on Facebook !

Stewart and Adrian will be doing three LIVE performances today and tomorrow. They will be streamed on Facebook. Don't miss them !

• Tuesday, 8/22 2:00 pm (EDT) Performing the single "Summer's Coming" on Q104.3 FM
• Tuesday, 8/22 5:30 pm (EDT) Performing 3 songs for Paste Sessions - Paste Magazine
• Wednesday, 8/23 4:00 pm (EDT) Performing 3 songs for FB Live Relix Session - Relix Magazine

The live streams will be posted directly on Q104.3 FM's, Paste Magazine's and Relix Magazine's Facebook sites. Go check them out when it's time!

Gizmodrome live on Facebook

Stewart Copeland in Fear{less}

Fear{less} with Tim Ferriss airs Tuesday, July 18th at 8PM with guest Stewart Copeland of The Police.
Watch it on DIRECTV CH. 239, U-verse CH. 1114 or streaming on DIRECTV NOW.

Fear{less} with Tim Ferriss spotlights in-depth, long-form conversations between Ferriss and world-class performers, focusing on how they've overcome fears, made hard decisions, and won at the highest levels imaginable. From icons to lesser-known phenoms, the show will uncover tactics and strategies that work in the real world. Ferriss himself is no stranger to achievement, with millions of devoted followers of his podcast and books.

Filmed in front of a live audience and executive produced by Vince Vaughn's Wild West Productions, "Fear{less} with Tim Ferriss" will inspire audiences around the world. It focuses on embracing discomfort, thinking big, and carving your own unique path.

Stewart Copeland in Fear{less}

Stewart Copeland on The Sessions Panel

Stewart's enthusiasm & talent as a musician, who can play trombone, guitar and world known as drummer (Police), also a composer of movies & video games....."Keep learning!" The "Power of Music, "Campfire music" and how technology works together.....
The Sessions Panel & Dom Famularo with the Artist Series share music industry knowledge to musicians across the country! Includes Entertainment Law, Marketing, Networking, Artist Relations & Motivational skills and experiences from professionals and experts who have been "on the road" and are successful in the industry.

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