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Joe Sumner: My father can be a little hard


Sting's son Joe Sumner is warming up for daddy when he visits Denmark Thursday. And tomorrow he'll play on Sigurdsgade, Nørrebro. Here he tells BT what it's like to be the son of a legend

Joe Sumner: My father can be a little hard

"Yes, my dad can be a little tough. But he is always nice to me. So it is fortunate. "

So says the British singer, composer, bassist and guitarist Joe Sumner on Thursday warms up the audience before daddy Sting gives his long sold-out concert at the Culture Yard in Elsinore.

The day before, says Joe alone with his guitar on stage at the newly opened club Sigurdsgade in Nørrebro in Copenhagen. And autumn is facing the 39-year-old father of four left on a small Denmark tour with his band Fiction Plane.

Not always easy

It sounds really lovely to be the son of a famous pop star Sting when even dream of being something about music. But along with other star sons like James McCartney and Adam Cohen Joe Sumner sign that it is not always fat.

"I can barely remember how many times I've been about to give up. You are constantly being compared to your father. I remember that I once argued a new song that I was really proud of. And the only one of the major reviewers could find to write the following day, was that the song sounded like 'early Police'. It's really sobering when you pour his heart into the project, "says Joe Sumner, who called BT from Rome, where weather, in his own words, is 'fucking hot' - and not in a good way.

It helped to father

Now Joe is not new to the music. In fact, he and the band released six acclaimed and nicely successful CDs (including one live album and one ep) and he has played professionally for over two decades.

Yet criticism by taking life by the desire to music. But then something happened - Joe Sumner became a man, and Joe Sumner fathered no fewer than four children.

"It's really something that puts things in perspective. One of the most important things my father taught me not to take things too damn seriously. When I had children, worked criticism from reviewers and others suddenly not so serious. And today I am just deeply grateful that I can travel the world and play my music, "he says.

In this connection, Joe Sumner and Fiction Plane, which has existed since 2001, just released the new single 'Walk Through Fire' - a song that Joe is especially proud of.

"Good songs like 'Walk Through Fire' always comes at once. And they always come when it is most inconvenient - middle of the night, for example, "says Joe Sumner, who is never afraid to play the new songs for his father.

"He has from the beginning given me an incredible support, and he is always totally encouraging when it comes to creativity," says the musician, who is not particularly nervous to come face to face with his father's large audience.

Plunges into the

"Have I done it before - both alone and with my band, and before my dad went solo and before The Police. And if I feel the slightest nervousness, so I submit myself to the just out of it. In many ways it's even more amazing to act alone. It comes much closer to his audience. I can also choose some completely different songs - songs that are closer to me as a person, "says Joe Sumner, who must admit that father and son do not play that much together under private frames.

"I like to play something new and homemade. My dad prefer to play classical. That makes him seem smart, "he says.

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August 3: 
Sigurd Gade, Copenhagen

August 4: 
Culture Yard, Elsinore

August 5: 
Smukfest (perhaps as guest of Sting), Skanderborg

With the band Fiction Plane:

October 15: 
Fermaten, Herning

October 16: 
Kansas City, Odense

October 20: 
The Custom House, Elsinore

October 21: 
The portal, Greve

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