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Fiction Plane

Would you buy Fiction Plane live shows ?

A question to Fiction Plane fans.
What about your favorite band sharing their concerts on ?
This website allows fans to download shows recorded from the soundboard, for a few dollars only.
Their catalog already contains many bands, such as Bruce Springsteen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Van Halen. Snarky Puppy has just joined the list.

If you attended the show, you can live it again.
If not, you won't miss it.

Its' also a great way to promote a band as good on stage as Fiction Plane can be.
The shows could be available in various formats, from mp3 to flac, with different prices (from 10$ to 18$ for exemple).
I suggested this project to the band. I'd like to know if you fans, would be up to buy some shows.

Let's all tell FP to try ! :-)

Comment on Facebook of the forum.

Fiction Plane by Robin Looy
(Photo : Robin Looy)

Fiction Plane - American tour

As announced here earlier, Fiction Plane will tour USA during the next few months.
Here are the first two dates :

October 13: Ludlow at Stanton, NY - Pianos 158 (free show !)
Follow the event

October 14: Asbury Park, NJ - Wonder Bar
Follow the event

October 15: Boston, MA - The Red Room
Follow the event

October 16: New York City, NY - The Standard Hotel
Follow the event

November 14: Philadelphia, PA - MilkBoy
Follow the event

Other dates will soon be announced. Stay tuned !

Fiction Plane by Robin Looy
(Photo: Robin Looy)

Fiction Plane rocks in Europe


Fiction Plane performed three shows last week in Europe
Sept 18 Deventer, Netherlands (Burgerweeshuis)
Sept 19 Namur, Belgium (Fêtes de Wallonie)
Sept 20 Breda, Netherlands (Breda Barst festival)

On the third day, some very lucky fans got the opportunity to go for a short boat trip with the band, singing some acoustic songs for a very tiny private gig.

Boat trip in Breda by Robin Looy
Boat trip in Breda by Robin Looy

Fiction Plane in Europe
Photo: Aurélie Moreau

According to an interviews Joe did for L'avenir newspaper, Fiction Plane is planning an american tour "at home" in october/november, to promote ‪#‎MondoLumina‬ release in USA.
Joe also said he's still writing for a future album "It's important to work hard".

Where do we go from here
Flesh and bone
Out of my face
Death machine
Walk through the fire
Sadr City blues
In my shoes
No one but you
Two sparks
Two sisters
Blind pilot
You know you're good (La la song)

Photographer Robin Looy followed the band on their tour and provided nice picture from their trip.
Robin Looy tours with Fiction Plane

Where do we go from here - The video

​Finally !
Watch Fiction Plane's video for their single "Where do we go from here". It's been unveiled by Yahoo Music.
The band will start a short three dates tour in Europe.
Mondo Lumina is due out on November 13 in USA !

Fiction Plane - Mondo Lumina

The band is back on stage

Fiction Plane will be doing a short run of dates in Netherlands later this month. 
• Sept 18, 2015 - Deventer, Netherlands @ Burgerweeshuis
• Sept 19, 2015 - Namur, Belgium @ Fêtes de Wallonie
More info:
• Sept 20, 2015 - Breda, Netherlands @ Breda Barst festival
Free entrance. More info:

Fiction Plane on tour

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