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BYT interviews Fiction Plane

Fiction Plane played a set at the Standard East Village’s penthouse space a few weeks back, and Brightest Young Things website was able to get in a quickie rooftop Q+A with Joe Sumner and Pete Wilhoit before they took the stage. The band are set to release their fourth album, (Mondo Lumina) in MERE DAYS (11/13), so they asked them about the development of those new songs, as well as about what’s changed for the guys since the start of their career back in the early 2000s. Internet eavesdrop on all of the below, and then be sure to pre-order a copy of the album HERE. (Also follow Fiction Plane on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.)

Fiction Plane - Mondo Lumina

So where are you guys actually based these days?
Joe: Earth. [Laughs]
Pete: We live between LA, Connecticut, Holland and England and…

Okay, so globally. Earth was an accurate answer. [Laughs] 
Pete: It wasn’t always like that, but we’ve just all expanded out.
Joe: We’re a transatlantic shit storm.
Pete: We’re lucky to be all in the same place at the same time.

It sounds like it! So how does that generally work when you’re creating music, then? Do you send things back and forth to each other, or do you prefer to be in the same room for that process to happen?
Joe: We all have to be in the same room, really. Nothing happens unless we’re all sitting in there playing.
Pete: I think we’re the most productive band when we’re literally face to face. Other than that, it’s hard to get a hold of each other. Not that we don’t like each other, we just all have a lot of stuff going on.

Oh, completely! And you’ve all got families of your own now; how has that changed the way you work?
Joe: A lot. It just makes time really precious, so we kind of come together and bang everything out really quickly. We used to spend like, a week screwing around in the studio, but now it’s like, “BOOM!” But you actually capture moments really well like that.
Pete: It is more productive. And it’s also something that we hold more dear, I guess, since we have so little free time. When we do actually get together, we realize that it’s such a privilege to be able to do this, so we take advantage and enjoy it. That’s the main sentiment on the new record; we got together and said, “Honestly, what do you guys want to write? What do we want to play?” So it was all stuff that was really dear in our heart, and it just came out really quick.

Well tell me a little bit more about that conversation for Mondo Lumina; were there goals that you had from the outset, or did it shape itself as you worked on things together?
Joe: Not really goals, but we worked with a producer called Tom Syrowski, and he allowed us to just get really creative and to find stuff really quickly. We wouldn’t have to search long for a sound, because he’d just find it. It gives you the confidence to make stuff happen. But we’ve ended up with what I think is probably our most consistent record.
Pete: Yeah, we definitely trimmed the fat more on this than with other records. We love a lot of different genres of music, and we love playing them. If you come see us live you’ll realize that we don’t just play something intimate and delicate and quiet; we also play big rock prog stuff.
Joe: We even got into some Queens of the Stone Age stuff last night just out of improv. And then there’s acoustic moments as well. But this record actually nailed a consistent sound, and I don’t know what it is, exactly, but I like it.

So was that the most surprising thing that came out of all of this that you’d maybe not have predicted at the outset?
Pete: That’s a good question. When we started this, it was one of those things where we were at a point in our lives where, right before this record, the band could have disbanded. Since w had so much other stuff going on, we’ve had a nice career in Europe and done a lot of touring…it’s not that we’re satisfied, but there are real deadlines and bottom lines that everybody has, which makes it more difficult. So it’s a privilege to have an opportunity to do another record. We had no idea what it was going to sound like. So when we came together, we were all like, “Let’s write and see what comes out.” We had a few sessions where we did something called a song game in London, where forty-five minutes we had to write a song from beginning to end and have some sort of consistent melody.
Joe: Finish the whole thing. Lyrics, done. And then you go to record it, and you do it like ten times a day.
Pete: And I think that was the most surprising thing, where we actually had real songs come out of that process, which we’d never done before. For me that was the most surprising thing.

That’s great! Now, you guys started this project in the early 2000s, and things have changed immensely in terms of how people consume music…
Joe: We were right at the end of old school record deals, and so we were into that, and then it completely fell to pieces.

So how do you maintain positivity throughout that process?
Joe: That’s why it’s taken us twelve years to get to our fourth record. [Laughs] Even now it’s still a bit crazy. But luckily everything seems to be working out still, and we’re happy about that.
Pete: And touring together, playing so much together through the highs and the lows has sort of bonded us in a way that early on we just couldn’t have had. Because it’s not just a musical thing when you’re a band, it’s the experience of growing up together. Or growing old together, anyway. And because of that, we’re more on an even playing field than we ever have been, so we all agree that this is quite an opportunity. We’ve seen a lot of amazing things in this industry, have played a lot of great gigs, and to be able to do another record is an honor.

Fiction Plane - Mondo Lumina

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Fiction Plane premieres 'Don't Give Up the Fight'

Rockers Fiction Plane, led by Sting's son Joe Sumner, premieres 'Don't Give Up the Fight' and gives us all reason to believe

It’s been a long week, but we’re in the homestretch, and we’ve got an anthemic new rocker to pick you up through Thursday. The band is Fiction Plane, and the track is the fist-raising “Don’t Give Up the Fight,” from their forthcoming fourth studio album Mondo Lumina.

Fiction Plane by Robin Looy

We’re really feeling the song’s atmospheric acoustics and timely tambourine taps. Frontman Joe Sumner has an impressive set of pipes, too, which is no surprise considering his father is none other than Sting himself. 

"After three years without making an album we were stuck writing songs in a New York apartment with all of our kids so we had to keep the noise down,” Sumner tells Billboard. “Playing a hand drum, a ukulele and a battery-powered keyboard, we came up with this riff that sounded like something from the Spy Hunter video game from 1983. It was a little weird cause we're a rock band no matter where we are. The song could have died there but we didn't give up and when we got a chance to play it loud, Seton (Daunt)’s guitar just took us straight to the desert.”

Mondo Lumina is due Nov. 13 on Rhyme & Reason Records. It’s available for pre-order here.

Fiction Plane - Mondo Lumina

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Fiction Plane fansite revamped

Hey fans, did you noticed Fiction Plane Fanclub's website had been revamped this week ?
Now, it's totally mobile device designed, and will follow you wherever you are, on your smartphone or tablet.

As a gift to this new dressing, Willem, the webmaster, is offering us a great video showing the soundcheck and jam session before Fiction Plane's show in Amsterdam, March, 19.

Visit :

Mondo Lumina US album launch show

Fiction Plane's new album Mondo Lumina is being released on Rhyme & Reason Records on Nov 13th 2015.
The band will be playing a show at The Rockwood Music Hall 2, Lower east side NYC.
Get your ticket

The bonus track “Don’t give up the fight” will be added to the US release.

Current tour dates include:
OCt 13, 2015 / The Pianos 158, New York City, NY
Oct 14, 2015 / The Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, NJ
Oct 15, 2015 / The Red Room, Cafe 939, Boston, MA
Nov 13, 2015 / Album Launch, The Rockwood Music Hall 2, NY
Nov 14 2015 / Milkboy, Philadelphia, PA

► Preorder the album on iTunes.
► Visit

Mondo Lumina US album launch show

Fiction Plane playing the Wonder Bar

Fiction Plane's Asbury Park return is a long time coming.

The transcontinental power trio last visited the city by the sea way back in 2003, when they were touring behind their debut LP "Everything Will Never Be OK." Since then, there was the terrific 2007 single "Two Sisters" off the "Left Side of the Brain" album and then, as far as American fans could tell, a long silence.

According to singer and bassist Joe Sumner, the lack of new material “is not from so much lack of doing new music, it’s just that management and business stuff is not what we do. If there’s a book to be written about bad management, I think we could provide most of the source material, nearly all of it."

That changes this fall as "Mondo Lumina," the band's first American-released album in eight years, drops on Nov. 13 through Rhyme and Reason Records. To support the new album, the band is hitting the road, and they'll be at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park on Wednesday, Oct. 14.

Fiction Plane by Robin Looy

"It feels fantastic to actually have label that really loves the record, we’ve got some people behind us that really believe in us and we obviously believe in the record a lot,” said Sumner.

Sumner — son of rock legend Sting — and his Fiction Plane bandmates partnered with producer and engineer Tom Syrowski for "Mondo Lumina," which expands the classic power trio template to the band's sound into a lush, pop-rock landscape.

"We (previously) defined ourselves by saying, ‘If we can play this in a room and it works with a three-piece band, then great,’ that was kind of the rule," Sumner said. "And with this record, we threw that rule away and just said, ‘We’re going to trust working with Tom and make it sound beautiful and just put whatever works on and make it nice,’ and I feel really good about that.”


WHEN: 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 14

WHERE: The Wonder Bar, Fifth and Ocean Avenues, Asbury Park


INFO: 732-502-8886,

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