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A new year with you all is always a good year !

A new year with you all is always a good year !
2016 was full of joy with this new album.
2017 will bring us a world tour, and surely tons of surprises from Sting, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, Joe Sumner, Henry Padovani, Eliot Sumner, Dominic Miller, Jo Lawry,...
2017 will see LiSting growing as a team. We'll soon introduce the new editors, who'll keep you informed each day !

Many exclusive contests and interviews are sheduled within the next few months

May the music bring peace on Earth...

A new year with you all is always a good year !

Eliot is an Englishwoman in New York for Armani Exchange

After releasing a model-fronted ads last season, Armani Exchange has now expanded its focus on more diversely talented youngsters for the brand’s fall/winter 2016 campaign

This move, according to the official statement, demonstrates Armani Exhange‘s “understanding of the diversity of modern men and women, and how they want to dress.”
To achieve that, the brand picks four young individuals whose passions and interests are as diverse as their personal styles.
The oldest of the group is Eliot Sumner (25), an Italy-born English musician. Sumner, in case you didn’t know, is also the daughter of Sting.

Eliot is an Englishwoman in New York for Armani Exchange
Joining Sumner are English actor Gregg Sulkin (24), American filmmaker-cum-extreme athlete Jay Alvarrez (21) and Israeli model Shlomit Malka (22).

Photographer Riccardo Vimercati captured the images in New York City, and our first reaction upon seeing Sumner’s picture above was to hum her father’s “Englishman in New York” to ourselves. In all seriousness, though, by encouraging the four youngsters to simply be themselves in front of the camera, Vimercati has produced a campaign that gives off a “sense of genuine street style” and showcased Armani Exhange’s versatility at the same time.

Eliot is an Englishwoman in New York for Armani Exchange

The campaign was unveiled for the first time last Monday in media and online.

Source : Daman

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Campaign SS17

Mercedes-Benz launches its Spring/Summer 2017 fashion campaign, a fiery apocalyptic film shot by renowned Swedish director Christian Larson!
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Campaign SS17

‘Burning Desire’ features style rebels and partners, the English musician Eliot Sumner, and the German model Lucie Von Alten.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Campaign SS17
The raw film was shot on location in an old steel warehouse attached to a disused stone quarry in Bucharest. In the spotlight, the rebel of the Mercedes-Benz family, the CLA – a sporty four-door-coupé.

“I think that there is a beauty in destruction and in this case, I felt fire, and burning things, could look very beautiful. Fire is always something that brings people together – the storyline of the two girls meeting is about them being intrigued by the fire – and it also suggests the idea of “playing with fire”. I wanted to play with emotions, objects, elegance, rebelliousness in some kind of virtual dystopian world.” – Christian Larson

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Campaign SS17


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​Eliot Sumner will tour North America

Eliot Sumner announces a North American tour in June!
20 dates to see and hear her performing the songs from her new album Information.

​Eliot Sumner will tour North America

Get your tickets :

Darkness falls: an interview with Eliot Sumner


"A lot of people want to make timeless records, but I wanted to make a very modern-sounding, of-its-time record."

It's hard to believe Eliot Sumner ever needed to be qualified as "the daughter of Sting." With her new album The Information, Sumner moves away from the folky sounds of her former project, I Blame Coco, and pays tribute to the power of new wave glam. It's a fitting backdrop for Sumner's androgynous alto, which perfectly pairs with harsh guitar lines and screaming synths on tracks like "After Dark" and "Halfway to Hell." Despite its aggressive, at times cacophonous arrangements, The Information feels like a singular vision; it's filled with heavy thoughts, unmitigated heartache, and songwriting that's both world-weary and divine.

Darkness falls: an interview with Eliot Sumner

In real life, Sumner is far from doom and gloom, though. When we meet she's just finished an impressive run of performances at South By Southwest and already has her sights set on a day in the sun. Read on for our conversation about creating timeless music, exploring space, and the art of simplicity.


Are you consciously drawn toward dark, otherworldly sounds?
I'm drawn to that. I have more of a connection to the dark side. I find it more interesting. I think I'm a minimalist at heart. Aesthetically that's how I like things to look, but musically I want a very large sound. It's quite stereo. On the album we went for this Phil Spector, Wall of Sound thing.

It seems like there are some personal elements as well—"Firewood" and "Half Way to Hell" both play on the idea of loneliness. 
Those are the two songs that I'm not very lyrically connected to! I wasn't feeling much when I wrote those, so I needed much more of a narrative. I like to write songs about adventure. Both of those songs are about adventure.

How old were you when music went from a family thing to a personal passion?
When I was about ten. I started joining bands at school. My brother used to visit with his band. I remember playing music with them and realizing that I loved being a musician and playing with other musicians. That solidified it for me.

How many instruments do you play now?
[counts on her fingers] About four: bass, guitar, piano, drums. It's very easy to learn another instrument once you've learned one. I started on the guitar when I was four. At that age I just wanted to make noise. I was a very grumpy, angry child and [my parents] couldn't quite work out why. Then at one point I just became very nice. I was awful, though. They didn't know what to do with me.

Is that part of you still in there?
[laughs] Depends on the day.

What does The Information mean to you?
I wanted the title to have a connection to the time that we're living in at the moment. I thought it would be a good name for an album. A lot of people want to make timeless records, but I wanted to make a very modern sounding, of-its-time record. The song "Information" defines the whole album. It's the mothership.

Are there other albums that capture a certain time for you?
Kraftwerk were very good at doing that. They've always adapted. I love the simplicity of their records. They make complicated things sound simple. The definition of a genius is someone who takes something very complicated and simplifies is. The definition of an idiot is the opposite [laughs].

What do you think the future of music sounds like? 
I'd like to make a record in space. I've been trying to work out what it would sound like. There's no atmosphere, so there would be no reverb. It would be very solid and very dense.

Are you a big sci-fi fan?
I love the idea of space. Interstellar is one of my favorite films ever. It's genius. The sound design is incredible, maybe the best I've ever heard.

If you could score a sci-fi film, what would it be?
I wouldn't want to re-score anything I really love, but if I was given the opportunity, maybe 2001: Space Odyssey. That's one of my favorite films.

Would you go to space if you got the chance?
Oh for sure! I signed up for the Mars trip, but I'm no use to them. I never heard back. I'm quite glad I didn't, though. I'm in a very happy place now.

Source : LiveNationTV by Laura Studarus | Photography by Nicholas Alan Cope

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